Table of Contents

Introduction by Todd Andrlik
The Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Business by Carol Sue Humphrey
Revolutionary Newspaper Reading Tips by Todd Andrlik

Chapter One: The Cursed Stamp Act

  1. Sugar Act by Todd Andrlik
  2. Stamp Act by Todd Andrlik
  3. Stamp Act Repeal by Todd Andrlik

Chapter Two: Frugality and Industry

  1. Townshend Acts by Todd Andrlik
  2. Nonimportation and Nonconsumption by Todd Andrlik

Chapter Three: The Late Horrid Massacre

  1. Arrival of the Troops in Boston by Robert J. Allison
  2. Boston Massacre by Robert J. Allison
  3. Gaspee Affair by Steven H. Park
  4. Committees of Correspondence by Carol Sue Humphrey

Chapter Four: The Detestable Tea

  1. Tea Act in America by Benjamin L. Carp
  2. Boston Tea Party by Benjamin L. Carp

Chapter Five: Rebellion

  1. Coercive Acts by Ray Raphael
  2. Powder Alarm by J.L. Bell
  3. Suffolk Resolves by Ray Raphael
  4. Massachusetts Provincial Congress by Ray Raphael
  5. First Continental Congress by Benjamin H. Irvin
  6. Raid on Fort William and Mary by J. Dennis Robinson

Chapter Six: Bloody News

  1. Battle of Lexington and Concord by J.L. Bell
  2. Williamsburg Gunpowder Incident by Neal Thomas Hurst
  3. Second Continental Congress by Benjamin H. Irvin
  4. Capture of Fort Ticonderoga by William P. Tatum III
  5. Battle of Noddle’s Island by James L. Nelson
  6. Battle of Bunker Hill by Don N. Hagist
  7. George Washington Takes Command by Robert J. Allison
  8. Battle of Great Bridge and Burning of Norfolk by John W. Hall
  9. Invasion of Canada by Tabitha Marshall
  10. Native Americans Choosing Sides by Daniel J. Tortora

Chapter Seven: The Spirit of Liberty

  1. Common Sense and the American Crisis by Jim Piecuch
  2. Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge by William P. Tatum III
  3. Battle of the Rice Boats by Hugh T. Harrington
  4. Fortification of Dorchester Heights by Don N. Hagist
  5. Battle of Sullivan’s Island by David Lee Russell
  6. Declaration of Independence by Matthew P. Dziennik
  7. New York Campaign by Barnet Schecter

Chapter Eight: Cut to Pieces

  1. Battles of Trenton and Princeton by Bruce Chadwick
  2. Siege of Fort Ticonderoga by Eric H. Schnitzer
  3. Battle of Oriskany by Daniel J. Tortora
  4. Battles of Brandywine and Germantown by Bruce E. Mowday
  5. Battles of Saratoga by Eric H. Schnitzer
  6. Women and Children on the War Front by Eric H. Schnitzer

Chapter Nine: Good and Faithful Allies

  1. Valley Forge Winter Encampment by Wayne Bodle
  2. French-American Alliance by Julia Osman
  3. Battle of Monmouth by Michael S. Adelberg

Chapter Ten: Conquer or Die

  1. Revolutionary War in the West and George Rogers Clark by John Reda
  2. Sullivan Expedition by Daniel J. Tortora
  3. Battle of Flamborough Head and John Paul Jones by Dennis M. Conrad

Chapter Eleven: Marks of Heroism

  1. Siege of Savannah by Rita Folse Elliott
  2. Siege of Charleston by David Lee Russell
  3. Carolina Backcountry Militia Actions by Charles B. Baxley
  4. Battle of Camden by Jim Piecuch
  5. Battle of Kings Mountain by Jim Piecuch
  6. Treason of Benedict Arnold and Hanging of John André by Dennis M. Conrad

Chapter Twelve: Conquest and Capture

  1. Battle of Cowpens by John Buchanan
  2. Race to the Dan by Dennis M. Conrad
  3. Battle of Guilford Courthouse by Dennis M. Conrad
  4. Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill by John Buchanan
  5. Siege of Ninety Six by Robert M. Dunkerly
  6. Raid on New London by Matthew Reardon
  7. Battle of Eutaw Springs by David Paul Reuwer
  8. Yorktown Campaign by Diane K. Depew

Chapter Thirteen: Delivered with Eloquence

  1. Perils of Peace by Thomas Fleming
  2. British and Loyalist Evacuations of America by Dennis M. Conrad
  3. Resignation of George Washington as Commander in Chief by Robert J. Allison

Epilogue by Todd Andrlik
Revolutionary Press Impact by Carol Sue Humphrey
The Value of Primary Sources by Michele A. Larson