The Detestable Tea

Read the Newspapers

Chapter 4 Topics Covered
  • Tea Act in America
  • Boston Tea Party

Read the Newspapers

“Get in at the moment of creation… and experience this world the way Paul Revere did, George Washington did… Encounter lots of worlds that no one else knows exist, but you do. You become the discoverer.” —Historian Robert J. Allison

Now, for the first time, experience the sparks of revolution the way the colonists did — in their very own town newspapers and broadsheets. Reporting the Revolutionary War is a stunning collection of American Revolution newspapers, spanning more than two decades during the most critical era in American history. The book is 400 high-definition, full-color pages, but it could have easily stretched across 2000 more. To complement the hundreds of newspaper accounts featured in the book, we’ve identified a few complete issues for you to enjoy here. Reading the full newspapers — including ads, obits and essays — creates more of a 360-degree view of the American Revolution and the formation of the United States. It allows you to uncover countless other events, big and small, not covered in textbooks. You’ll gain valuable insight into the social, economic, political, and military angles of the American Revolution. Click here to view some full newspapers that correspond with chapter 4 of the book. For important historical context and additional insight about the newspaper coverage, provided by scores of top historians, purchase a copy of Reporting the Revolutionary War today.

Image credit: The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor by Nathaniel Currier (1846)